10 01, 2020

Go Home American Empire, Leave The World Alone and safe! – January9, 2020– By Dr. Bischara Ali EGAL.

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“Let us resolve that never again will we send the precious young blood of this country to die trying to prop up a corrupt military dictatorship abroad. This is also the time to turn away from excessive preoccupation overseas to the rebuilding of our own nation. America must be restored to a proper role in [...]

4 01, 2020

The Khaleeji(Gulf) monarchies intervention in Africa’s Horn:DevastatingImpact On Somalia. By Dr. Bischara Ali Egal Dec.28,2019

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On Saturday morning December 28th, A truck bomb exploded at a busy intersection at KM 5 + security checkpoint at in Somalia’s capital, killing at least 90 people including many University students on their way to Universities outside the capital city, Hawkers, women and children authorities said. It was the worst attack in Mogadishu in [...]